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Now what

Deciding what should be the first item on my bucket list to cross off is a difficult choice. I could aim to complete something adventurous to start off with, I could pick something simple, or I can decide to complete something I’ve been meaning to for awhile. After rereading my bucket list and going over which item could be the first one to gain a check mark beside it, I’ve finally decided. The item I’ve decided to tackle first on my list is #26: visit the place i crashed my vehicle and thank the people that helped me out of the car. It’s something I’ve been delaying on doing since February due to the fear of returning to that dark country road, but I feel that it’s something that must be done. This upcoming weekend, my friends and I who had been involved in the accident are planning to pay a visit to the strangers who provided us safety and thank them for potentially saving our lives. I know that it will be an emotional visit for all four of us, but it’s been an act of kindness that we have all procrastinated for such a long time now. Those two individuals took time out of their Thursday evening to help out four teenagers who had been in the wrong place at the wrong time. My “Now what” will be accomplishing a goal that has been very important for me to do. It will be a scary and emotional drive back into that part of the country, but after the thank you had been said, I know it will be a weight lifted off all of our shoulders. In conclusion, before I die i want to thank the people who had saved my life

Helping someone achieve their goal

My boyfriend wanted to visit the neighbourhood he had grown up in before he died. We went and visited his old neighbourhood, he told me some hilarious stories and some memories that had taken place at certain parks around his old home. He told me stories about past friends he had that were his neighbours, and had shown me his old school. The thing he said that stuck out the most to me was when he explained how he never thought that those days would come to an end, and how time really does fly by.  

Authors note 

Life is filled with endless possibilities. You could do things you never thought could be possible. With motivation and determination, you could accomplish anything. You could get on a last minute plane to a random destination if you’re dating enough, or you could buy a pizza to brighten up a homeless persons day. I’m Taylor Mead, I’m 17 years old and before I die, I plan to accomplish all of the items on my bucket list. My bucket list goes from simple things such as receiving a kiss underneath of a mistletoe to far fetched goals such as crossing the intersection at Abbey Road. Such a simple move, but such a far destination. My goal is to take a picture after I accomplish each item on my bucket list and hang them on my wall so I can look at them to see the progress I’ve made. Throughout my life, I’ve dealt with some long term issues. Long hospital nights, watching my dad leave and near death experiences. Having dealt with those sort of events in my life, they’ve each turned into items on my bucket list. Dancing with my dad at my wedding and returning to the place where my 3 friends and I had been in our car accident and thanking the strangers who pulled us out of the smoking vehicle. They’re such simple tasks, but they’re both things that I long to accomplish before I die. Life is short. Setting goals for yourself and trying to accomplish your dreams may be seen as crazy by some people, but to me j think it’s a great way to make your life worth living and being able to hold those memories with you forever. 

Personal addition #17


For my personal addition I chose to write about my friends and I going fishing. It had been such a beautiful evening and we sat, listening to music and just had a great time. In this photo is my boyfriend, who caught a fish and then chased me around with it because he knows I have a phobia of fish. It had been a fun evening, and then we went to Dairy Queen afterwards. It makes me more excited for summer and I can’t wait to make new memories.

Personal addition (setting)


After a long walk in the cool August day, I finally come across it. The long green grass tickled my legs, and the warm breeze covering the large field made my hair fly in front of my face. I tie my hair up quickly so I can have a clear look at the legendary structure. The water park that my grandparents talk about each time I see them, always telling me how they grew up here. The rusted slides had cracks along the plastic, showing that it had been a child’s paradise. The fresh air filled my nose and the wind brought goosebumps to my arms. The abandoned water park that children dreamed of having the chance to spend the day at. The sky turned dark and gloomy, and the sun began to disappear. The dark clouds covering the water park made the entire view seem gloomy, sad really. Memories that had been created here could never be remade, but could never be forgotten.

Personal Addition #16

I love this quote. Friends are some of the most important people in your lives, and I think it’s super important for them to accept who you are, and be able to have a great time with them.

Laura Lucas

I was just going through photos on my phone and I found this quote that I saved. I like this quote because I think it’s so important to surround yourself with people who accept and love you for who you are. The best friendships are when you can completely be yourself and not worry about being judged. I also think it’s important to choose friends who support you and affect your life positively.

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Personal addition #12 tattoo?

I enjoyed this personal addition. My mom told me for my 17th birthday this may that I can get a tattoo on my wrist of whatever I’d like as long as she approves. I’ve been wanting one for years, but now that I have the chance to receive one, im confused as to what I want! It’s a tough decision and i definitely need to make sure I’ll always love it


I’ve always considered getting a tattoo once I’m 18. Nothing big and colourful, just a simple word or a sentence written in a fancy script in black ink. When I think about getting a tattoo, I always get a little nervous, because it’s a permanent decision and what if I grow to hate it. What if my friends hate it, what if the tattoo artist misspells a word. That shit is serious. I’m not the best with commitment. I’m guessing if I’m this on the fence about it, I should probably hold off for a few years before I actually get it

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Personal addition #16


This is a photo of the greatest jets game I had ever gone to. My father works for the NHL and got me tickets to the Penguins game, which have always been my favourite team. It was such a neat experience getting the chance to see the game from such a close up view and watching the Penguins beat the jets. The crowd had been so loud and I got yelled at throughout the entire game for cheering for the opposing team, but it had been worth it.